my kids at work tonight decided they all wanted to pretend to be pregnant with triplets

even the little dudebros

it was an odd evening

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Bonnie’s favorite outfits. | part two


remember that commercial where spock was amazed that ppl could control their tv with their phone even though he literally just materialized out of nowhere but somehow bluetooth technology was 2 futuristic for him


i will never get over the fact that mark ruffalo is simply the cutest human being there ever was i am so love with him. i mean that in like a completely nonsexual way which is really weird considering how i feel about most male actors i love but. mostly i just want to hug him for a really really long time and talk to him about his acting jobs and maybe like, babysit his children for him. baby ruffalo-lings. i just want to be his friend


mcu challenge | [2/3] Avengers ● Bruce Banner/The Hulk

Lupita Nyong’o | Behind the Scenes of Essence photoshoot

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